What We Do

We offer professional proofreading and coaching services in writing academic work (essays, dissertations, etc.). Our services adhere to a strict confidentiality policy with a quick turn over depending on the word count of your document.

Prompt & Timely Delivery

We understand that deadlines are of critical importance to students and academics. As such, we have set up an organisational structure for our service process that ensures we will not miss our guaranteed turnaround times.

Great Value Pricing

Our prices are highly competitive and represent excellent value. We are able to offer these low rates as we keep our business running costs low.

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How It Works

Word count proofreading offers specialized proofreading and coaching
services to ensure written work reaches the highest standard of English
required by universities, journals, public institutions and the business
community. Our services are centred on helping you perfect your writing
and set yourself apart; whether you need help editing your assignment,
dissertation or thesis or if you need coaching in how to improve your
skills in writing and structuring academic and professional documents. Our
editors provide high-quality work that will leave a lasting impact.

Wordcount proofreading services boasts of a small, highly qualified team of
proof readers and editors who can liaise directly with you while
working on your project to ensure that you are satisfied with the final
result. This fully personalised approach is what makes our bespoke
services invaluable to all our clients, whatever their background. Most
of our clients find us through word-of-mouth and through recommendations
from friends and colleagues. We have years of experience working with
students and professionals both native English speakers and those for
whom English is not their first language.

How it Works

  1. Complete the ‘order enquiry form’ and attach your document or attach your document to an email.
  2. Document is assigned to an experienced proof-reader.
  3. They will use the ‘MS Word’ track changes feature so that the editing is highlighted
  4. You will receive your document via email ready to be printed and/or submitted
  5. We hold the utmost respect for deadlines.
  6. Complete payment securely via PayPal or online via credit/ Debit card.


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Why Us ?

Highest quality at affordable prices. Our delivery is timely and reliable, and our attention to detail is meticulous.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you feel with good reason that we have not met our responsibilities and given you quality service we will refund you your money.

The fee is worked out at a flat rate per thousand words, so you know exactly how much the editing will cost in advance.

Payment requested when work is completed

In addition to service provision, through our coaching services, we can work with you to improve the quality of your writing.